Inview Imaging Diagnostics, Inc. and its subsidiaries and affiliates (collectively, “Inview Imaging” or “Inview”) are committed to maintaining high standards of confidentiality and data security. The responsibility to preserve the confidentiality of information in any form rests with each User granted access to Inview's information systems who may have access to Confidential Information, including Protected Health Information (PHI), Electronic Protected Health Information (ePHI), employee information, physician information, vendor information, medical, financial, or other business-related or company confidential information. Any information created, stored or processed on Inview systems, or systems maintained on Inview’s behalf by a vendor or other individual or entity, is the property of Inview Imaging, as is any information created by or on behalf of Inview, whether written, oral or electronic. Inview reserves the right to monitor and/or inspect all systems that store or transmit Inview Imaging data and the data stored therein, as well as all documents created by or on behalf of Inview Imaging.


    1. I understand it is my personal responsibility to read, understand and comply with all requirements specified in the HIPAA Security Rule and its implementing regulations (45 CFR Part 160 and Parts A and C of Part 164), as well as any other applicable rules, regulations, or laws governing the access, use, and disclosure of PHI. I understand that these regulations govern the acceptable use and disclosure of PHI and by extension Inview Imaging’s information systems for which I am requesting access.

    2. I agree not to disclose any PHI, ePHI, or any other Confidential Information obtained by accessing Inview’s information systems to any unauthorized party. I agree not to access or use any PHI, ePHI or any other Confidential Information unless I am authorized to do so. I agree that all patient-related information shall be held to the highest level of confidentiality.

    3. I agree to access Inview information systems only for the purposes related to the scope of the access granted to me, in accordance with the minimum necessary standard of the Privacy Rule, which means I will only access PHI of patients who I am personally treating or assisting in the administration of treatment for, and only such information that is necessary to the patient’s treatment or care.

    4. I understand that Inview regularly audits access to its information systems and the data contained in these systems. I agree to cooperate with Inview regarding these audits or other inspections of data and equipment. I further agree that I do not have any expectation of privacy with regard to information on any Inview network or information system, including computer systems, and understand that Inview has no obligation to maintain the privacy and security of such information.

    5. I agree that I will not share or disclose User IDs, Passwords or other methods that allow access to Inview information systems to anyone, at any time, nor will I share use of my account.

    6. I agree to contact Inview’s Management and/or Security Officer immediately if I have knowledge that any password has been inappropriately revealed or compromised or any inappropriate data access or access to Confidential Information has occurred, or if any violation of any Inview or HIPAA policy is suspected to have occurred.

    7. I understand that Confidential Information includes, but is not limited to PHI, ePHI, other patient information, employee, physician, medical, financial and all other business-related or company private information (electronic, verbal or written).

    8. I agree that I will not install or use software that is not licensed by Inview (or that is otherwise unlawful to use) on any Inview information systems, equipment, devices or networks. I understand that unauthorized software may pose security risks and will be removed by Inview Imaging.

    9. I agree to report any and all activity that is contrary to this Agreement or the Inview Security and Privacy Policies to my Information Security Officer, as well as the applicable Inview Security Officer and/or Management immediately.

    10. I agree to create a password meeting Inview’s minimum complexity requirements for access to all Inview information systems (8 characters, capital letter, lower case letter, special symbol).

    11. I agree to comply with Security Rule requirements to encrypt ePHI at rest and in transit, including the requirement that encryption software be installed on all laptop computers used to access ePHI and that emails transmitted over an electronic network be encrypted.

    12. I agree that all devices used by me that are connected to an Inview network or used to access its information systems, including computer systems, whether owned by me or not, will be continually running up to date anti-virus software and meet all other requirements of the Security Rule.

    13. I understand that this signed agreement will be kept on file by Inview and that failure tocomply with this Agreement may result in revocation of access to Inview’s Information Systems and/or legal recourse, as appropriate.

    14. I agree to immediately inform Inview’s Management or Security Officer in the event that I am no longer practicing medicine, no longer affiliated with the practice or organization for which I am requesting access, or otherwise for any reason no longer have a legitimate need for access to Inview’s Information Systems provided to me by this Agreement.